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Electric Vehicle, Charging Station Services
in Naperville, IL

Harmonic Handyman Home Services, Plumbing & Electric is happy to announce that we now offer electric vehicle services and charging station installations for our residential customers here in our service area. We're partnering with local auto dealerships on electric vehicle purchases, so that when you choose purchase an electric vehicle and charging station, we will install your new charging station for you.

It's important to give us a call ahead of your EV purchase so that we can make sure your home is correctly equipped to handle your new charging station. Sometimes older homes need a small electrical upgrade to handle the charging station requirements.

Thinking about getting a new electric vehicle here in the Naperville area? Harmonic Handyman Home Services is here to help with your charging station installation, get in touch today to learn more about EV charging and station requirements.

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Electric Vehicle Services

More and more homeowners and residents in our service area of the western suburbs are choosing to purchase electric vehicles at their local dealerships. Electric vehicles are becoming more common, and their benefits are pretty obvious. With gasoline prices as high as they are today it's a no-brainer to want to find ways to spend less at the pump, and one great way to do that is to switch to an EV for your daily driving.

To go along with your new electric vehicle you will need a charging station at your home to keep your new EV charged and ready to drive. You can purchase your charging station at the auto dealership where you've purchased your vehicle, but you'll have to schedule the charging station installation through a certified and licensed contractor. Harmonic Home Services is your licensed electric vehicle charging expert, call us today to learn more about EV charging station installation.

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Your New Charging Station

When you choose to have our licensed and insured electrician team to install your new charging station, you will have peace of mind knowing that your new EV (electric vehicle) will have a perfectly installed station to charge whenever you need it.

Not every area electrician or contractor has the expertise to install EV charging stations, it requires specialized knowledge and training to do correctly. Harmonic Handyman Home Services has the necessary experience and licensed electricians to get your charging station installation done the right way.

Call our team ahead of your EV purchase to learn about the charging station possibilities at your home here in Naperville or the surrounding area. Some homes need an electrical upgrade to handle the charging station safely. Our experienced team will be able to let you know if your home will be able to handle an EV charging station without prior upgrade. Get in touch for your charging station installation today.

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