What Is Your Next Big Home Project?

Believe it or not, we already have projects scheduled through March. So if you have a project that you need completed, BOOK NOW to schedule B4 SUMMER 2022.

We do a lot of INDOOR projects through the winter, and try to save those OUTDOOR projects for the summer.

So we've been tackling those kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room remodelling projects, while planning for the window and door replacement jobs coming up this spring.

We know that these projects can get expensive, especially with all of the job material prices jumping up over the past year. But we do have 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE for all projects over $1000. That makes it a little easier, right?

The schedule seems to always be booked 4-6 weeks out, but the benefit of that is that we have time to make the project perfect, and put aside the proper budget to do it right. So schedule now to have your project completed before you invite all your family and friends over for that pool opening. BOOK NOW for SPRING, and beat the rush.

We're taking appointments for 2022 outdoor work like replacing the rotten posts on your front porch, adding new deck railings, windows and doors, outside house trim boards, siding and more.


Hamonic Home Services is Your Local Handyman! Hamonic Home Services is Your Local Handyman!