Are you purchasing an EV Electric Vehicle?

Your electrician will need to know the following:

  • The location of electrical panel
  • Location of new EV charging station
  • Length of run from electric panel to EV charging outlet
  • Brand of electric panel breakers
  • Size and amperage requirement of the new charging station

There are different solutions for charging electric vehicles, so its important to know what is needed BEFORE purchasing your Electric Vehicle.

Some EV charging stations are simple and use a standard electrical plug, however we recommend that it be a DEDICATED outlet, and close to where the vehicle will be parked.

Some EV Electric Vehicles may require specific converters and plugs, like the Tesla. Some have become more standardized, but still require different power specifications for quick charging at home.

That said, just do your research, and we can help you with equipment and installation. Most importantly, Harmonic can help you with preparing your main electrical box, insuring that the wiring to your garage and EV charging station has been done properly, and that the EV charging station itself is exactly what you need for your new Electric Vehicle.

Consult Harmonic PRIOR to purchasing your EV, and TRUST that we will provide a simple and cost-effective charging solution for your new Electric Vehicle.

Hamonic Home Services is Your Local Handyman!
Hamonic Home Services is Your Local Handyman! Hamonic Home Services is Your Local Handyman!