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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Your Home

Electric Vehicles require:

  • A 208V or 240V charging system.
  • The maximum power rating for the wall connector is 20 kW or 80A at 250V AC single-phase power.
  • The Voltage and Wiring 208V or 240V AC single-phase for L1, L2, and Earth versions.

HARMONIC has the experience to install YOUR new EV Charging Station.


  • Uses a "find and electrician reference map", BUT you can just call HARMONIC.


  • Uses Amazon Home Services, BUT you can call HARMONIC.
  • Audi links to Amazon and has Alexa on-board voice command.

BMW, Chevrolet, Mini, Jaguar, and Land Rover

  • Uses Qmerit services to find local contractors, BUT you can call HARMONIC.


  • Uses a Dealer Installed charging system, BUT you can call HARMONIC.


  • Uses Bosch EV solutions, available when you call HARMONIC.


  • Uses ChargePoint, which directs customers to Qmerit or Amazon Home Services, BUT its far easier to just call HARMONIC.

When calling for a quote to install a new EV Charging Station, here are a few questions to answer, that will help prepare a more accurate quote/estimate:

  • Location of electric panel.
  • Distance from panel to EV Charging Station location.
  • Is there room to add 240V to the panel?
  • Brand of breakers (in panel).
  • Size (amperage draw) of charging station or plug required.

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