Looking for a Handyman or Licensed Electrician?

Insure the safety of your home with Harmonic Home Services' "Rock*Star Home Service Plan". Take advantage of discounted labor rates, priority scheduling, and seasonal home maintenance like winterizing and reactivating your yard hoses and water spickets, inspection of electrical box and GFI outlets, and more.

Upgrade your "Backstage Pass" to the "World Tour" and add the benefits of the areas best HVAC Maintenance Plan including seasonal cleanings, discounted parts, elimination of diagnostic fees, and even earn credit toward new Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.

Combine the best Home Handyman Service and the best HVAC Maintenance Plans in the area, and you'll be a "Rock*Star"! Your home will be safe, and you'll never have to worry about any of those seasonal projects ever again. You'll also eliminate all of those seasonal home maintenance items that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if left unfinished.

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For more information about the best home maintenance plan in the area, call 630-551-8108 or visit our site.

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